Juntos had an amazing year!

“Juntos had an amazing year! We’ve experienced things that changed us forever.

We would like to thank everyone who volunteered for our May Day march and rally. We would like to send a special thanks to our very first woman, Cheyenne mayor-elect, Marion Orr, and to Charles Hardy for being our guest speakers. We look forward to Cheyenne May Day 2017, and to the support of our incredible network of friends.

This year, Juntos was lucky enough to attend a rally and candle light vigil at the Eloy Detention Center. There, immigrant inmates have no rights and are denied the most basic, human necessities. Juntos was able to go to the city of Nogales and march to the border wall to protest the ‘School of the Americas,’ the militarization of Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, and their unjust treatment of undocumented immigrants. This event was a life changing experience that we hope to be a part of in the future.

Along with the incoming presidential administration we’ve seen attacks on children in some of Wyoming’s rural schools. We have taken it upon ourselves, and with support from the American Civil Liberties Union, to stand up for these children and their families.

Undocumentrd immigrants have been ignored in Wyoming for far too long. It’s time for change. We plan to work with community leaders who’ve already been fighting for all Juntos believes in. We are excited about 2017 and we are ready to fight alongside for those who cannot!

Happy New Year, from Juntos!

Email : juntoswyo@gmail.com
Twitter: @WyoJuntos
Instagram: @juntos_wyo”

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