Calls to Action / Llamada a la acción

LCSD#1 meeting FB cover

We want to thank everyone from the community who has worked to help bring this proposal to 45 day public review which just ended. Additionally we want to thank everyone who has stood with us and also the LCSD#1 Board of Trustees for hearing our voices and working to give South Cheyenne true representation. If this proposal passes on Monday it will be an amazing step toward equity but we know it will not fix all the problems and we look forward to working with the LCSD#1 Board of Trustees to address the issues that impact communities of color.

If you were not able to submit a public comment in time and you want to let the LCSD#1 Board Members know you support this proposal or if you want to thank them for their hard work on this issue ahead of Monday’s meeting, use the phone numbers and emails addresses below.

Marguerite Herman – or 307-638-1468

Tim Bolin – or 307-634-9300

Nate Breen – or 307-778-7652

Christy Klaassen – or 307-514-0395

Lynn Storey-Huylar – or 307-778-3151

Rich Wiederspahn – or 307-421-6189

Rose Ann Million Rinne – or 307-920-3544

Also don’t forget to 


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