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LCSD#1 meeting FB cover

Juntos has been working along with concerned community members of Cheyenne to make sure LCSD#1 South Triad is represented on the Laramie County School Board of Trustees. 

Cheyenne and especially South Cheyenne are growing more and more diverse and the board should reflect that. Join us in calling on the board of trustees to hear our voices, and consider parents and educators from all over the district that support this proposal and re consider your choice and give our children true representation.

What you can do to help.



Juntos is a proud WyoSayNo coalition partner because we feel immigration detention is inhumane and needs to be abolished. WyoSayNo is a coalition made up of non profits, faith leaders, business owners, and concerned community members that is dedicated to ending immigration detention in Wyoming.          580b57fcd9996e24bc43c521



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