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The Monthly Junta

Juntos is proud to announce that, starting this month, we will be inviting the whole community to join Juntos members for the Monthly Junta!

The Monthly Junta will be an evening where everyone can come and hang out with Juntos members, learn how to volunteer with Juntos, and learn more about our movement. Every month will be different; some nights we will watch a movie, listen to music and share stories, or otherwise focus on the human side of our movement and the families we are working for. This is an event meant to connect those who are unfamiliar with Juntos or want to learn more about us, those who are already invested in volunteering for the cause, and anyone who wants to learn more about how we build immigrant justice in Wyoming. This will also be an opportunity for you to help us with small but important work for the cause, like making books, building WYRRN packets, folding pamphlets and making buttons.

The Monthly Junta is meant to be fun and engaging. So, if you come just for the movie and to hang out that is great. We will provide snacks and we hope you bring the whole family!


Fri, February 22 at 6-8 PM – Building WyoRRN packets / Movie -Book of Life

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