These are the Handbooks we have gathered from various sources and allies. If you would like a specific handbook added to a printed EIP we would be happy to do so.

DACA and workplace rights-English

DACA current status and options-English

Deportation 101-English

Family preparedness plan-English

Family preparedness plan-Spanish

Immigration and FBI know your rights-Spanish

Know your rights at work-Spanish

Protecting assets & child custody in the face of deportation-English

Sign for front door-Spanish-English

What to do if arrested or detained by immigration-Spanish

Know your rights as a LGBTQ refugee-English

Know your rights LGBTQ-Arabic

LGBTQ immigrant rights-English

LGBTQ marriage equality in immigration law-English

Anti-Muslim discrimination-Arabic

Anti-Muslim discrimination-English

Know your rights as a refugee-English

Know your rights while detained-Arabic

Know your rights-Arabic know your rights-Somali

Youth handbook-English

Youth handbook-Spanish