May Day 2017



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On Monday, May 1st, 2017 Juntos led a march to deliver a letter asking Governor Matt Mead to protect families in Wyoming. There were over 100 community members present at the march, which started at the historic Cheyenne Depot and charged powerfully through the streets of downtown Cheyenne.

As we made our presence known, people from office buildings we passed opened their windows and waved in support. Shouts of “Si Se Puede!” and “No Human is Illegal” were not dampered by the incessant rain, and the cold air gave us all more energy to keep marching.

The letter addressed to the governor was read by Juntos members for the crowd to hear. At the bottom of the letter were signatures of local clergy, grassroots organizations, and nonprofits around Laramie County that agreed with our demands for justice for immigrants and daca-mented members of the Wyoming community.

Juntos Co-Founder Gonzalo Serrano

Juntos members all had red roses that we handed out to drivers as they watched us occupy the streets. We received many honks in return, which fueled our collective cry for justice. We marched back to the depot after delivering the letter, where we gathered for poetry, spoken word, and moments of community-building. Artwork was displayed inside the depot from local artists wanting to share their talent to support Wyoming families. As the speakers shared their stories, moments of silent reflection, slow tears, and cries of hope permeated the room. The clapping crescendoed with each truth that was expressed. Unity was cultivated as we all stood together in support of immigrant families in Wyoming.

The May Day March of 2017 marked a turning point for Juntos, proving how rapidly a local movement led by grassroots organizers and volunteers led by compassion and purpose can blossom and impact a community. Juntos has gained new partners, allies, and many friends since May Day 2017. We have been able to better understand the needs of those in our community, and we have expanded our capability to rise to those needs. 2017 is off to a great start, thank you Cheyenne!


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