Wyoming Rapid Response Network


If you or a family member are being confronted or have been detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) or law enforcement, or if you feel your rights have been violated, we are here to help.

The Wyoming Rapid Response Network is here to provide help with;

  • Public family member release campaigns;
  • Documenting incidents, racial profiling, and abuses;
  • Responding to crises as they happen;
  • Connecting you with immigration lawyers to help your case;
  • Locating family members if they have already been detained;
  • Providing tools to empower your family members and community;

Remember, your stories can make a difference and help us drive change in our communities! If you need our help call our hotline number.


If you would like to learn how you can volunteer for the Wyoming Rapid Response Network, fill out the contact form below.